Category "Customer Service"

  • Customer Service in Long Term Care Facilities

    Customers are the lifeblood of virtually every business in every industry. Organizations and individuals who strive to deliver exceptional customer service are more likely to be successful. Providing good customer service is one of the most important things in healthcare.
  • Customer Service in Behavioral Health

    Excellent customer service is one of the most important things in providing quality health care and can make a significant difference for service providers as well as their clients, patients, and consumers. This course provides an introduction to customer service in the behavioral healthcare setting and how to identify the difference between mediocre and exceptional customer service.
  • Customer Advocacy

    Advocates have a huge influence over other current and potential customers as they are seen as “one of them”. Companies that promote a customer advocacy management program can reap the benefits these advocates provide. Customer Advocacy is a specialized form of customer service where companies focus on what is best for the customer.
  • Offering Fair Alternatives

    Customer service failures are an inevitable part of doing business; no matter how committed a company is to providing exceptional customer service. The first step in providing a fair alternative is to listen to the customer’s needs. Next, apply fairness to the process that meets the customer’s need while maintaining company integrity. 
  • Consultative Services

    Taking a consultative approach to customer service can build a loyal, profitable customer base.  This course discusses how to take a consultative approach to customer service. 
  • Solving Customer Service Problems

    No matter how hard a company or customer service provider works to please the customer, there will always be some customers who complain.  This course discusses ways to resolve customer service problems.  
  • Responding Effectively to Customers

    In order to have a customer-centric organization, all company employees must be responsive to customer needs.  This course discusses how companies and workers can best respond to their customers.  
  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction

    Each company has its own unique business objectives, but they all share a common need to measure customer satisfaction if they want to meet this objective.  This course discusses ways to measure satisfaction, which in turn helps companies deliver exceptional customer service.  
  • Managing the ROI of Service

    Customer service is a business investment that impacts a company’s bottom line.  This course discusses how customer service impacts returns on investment.  
  • Written Interaction

    From simple e-mails to formal customer letters, customer service representatives will need to compose documents that educate, persuade, inform, or enlighten the customer.  They will need to be as savvy and professional in their written communications as they are in-person and verbally if they are to meet their customer’s needs.  This means customer service workers should understand their audience, and write in such a way to meet that best serves them.  This applies to both “snail mail” and digital text communications.  Practicing good written communication skills helps customer service work