Exam Preparation Courses

Single Courses
Human Resources Exam Prep (PHR/SPHR)
Course Hours: 135
Course Type:
Mentor Supported
Our Human Resources Exam Prep course is designed to provide human resource professionals with a fun and engaging opportunity to prepare for the revised Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification exams. The Human Resources Exam Prep course walks you through the process of applying your professional knowledge and skills to the PHR/SPHR exam questions.
TOEFL Exam Preparation
Course Hours: 45
Course Type:
Mentor Supported
The TOEFL test gives test takers the opportunity to prove they can communicate ideas effectively and measures how well test takers use English. Our TOEFL Test Preparation course is packed with everything you need to succeed. We show you exactly what to expect on the test, tell you precisely how the test is scored and give you hundreds of authentic test questions for practice.  
Prerequisite(s): None